The Applause of Heaven

Where will this page go? I am reading the above-titled book because I am finding my way back… or home. I feel like I have drifted too far already. For now I’ll say it began two years ago. But as I think back, I’m realizing it happened a longer time ago…
Ok, still not getting this “page” thing but I’ll proceed.


I wanted to react on Sarai and Abram, the promise they held on to, the looooong wait, the taking-matters-into-their-hands, he giving up, the refreshing of the promise, the doubt. Well, all I wanted to say was… that’s where I’m at right now


“Four people: the rich young ruler, Sarah, Peter, Paul. A curious thread strings the four together — their names.

The final three had their names changed — Sarai to Sarah, Simon to Peter, Saul to Paul. But the first one, the young yuppie, is never mentioned by name.

Perhaps that’s the clearest explanation of the first beatitude. The one who made a name for himself is nameless. But the ones who called on Jesus’ name — and his name only — got new names and even more, new life”

Identitiy. Self-manufactured identity. Significance. There comes a time in one’s life when one seeks and gets hung up on this. Some gets past the stage. Yet some lingers on the phase a little longer…