Leather Diary

Yep! I am moments after purchasing a renaissance leather diary (with lock) online. What a way to recharge after hours of trying to tidy up my room. I’ll be back to chores in a bit but before I do, writing down (or typing for that matter) something exciting (which I know not a lot will understand what’s so exciting about a leather journal). Well, I am. 😀 Just for the record, I think this is my longest procrastination ever – still finding my way around this blogging thing. I really wanted to use some photos, videos and music from other sources but I want to make sure I’m not violating any copyright law.

Well, I guess it’s time to go back to my almost-a-day-old task. I shall return, dear Blog. I shall return. Only time can tell when…


Questions I will ask myself at this moment:

M: This is your second chance at this. Are you gonna blow it again?

A:  Trying my best not to.

M:  Alright, then… what’s your goal this week?

A:  Work wise – finish all my backlog. Career wise – Well, get back to the APTA videos you have pending. Health wise – Complete the planking challenges for the week. I’ll try to eat more greens. I’ll walk more. Sit less. Sleep early-er.





Such Days

There are days that tend to be melancholy, you would like a drastic change. I guess this is where you apply the pointer that says “Don’t make important or vital decisions when you’re hungry, angry, and sad.” Just saying.

What to Do? What to Do?

  Been thinking for quite a while now. I’ve been thinking of when I can head back and stay in San Diego (well, a how question will also be helpful). Before that, however, the stay here should also be worthwhile. I want to do some upgrades and updates on this new career. It is relatively new as I barely got my license 7 months ago. I have accumulated a load of paperwork to do thanks to biting off more than I could chew.

On a separate, yet very important, note is where this blog his leading. I mean I rarely get the chance to sit down and actually add things to it. A reflection of how seldom it is as well that I get to ponder. There you go! This is going to be my companion as I ponder. Such a challenging thing to do because I have not opened my thoughts so readily for public viewing but I guess that’s one of the learnings I intend to achieve here. Expect the posts to be as raw as it can be. I need to do this. I have to learn. Before I change my mind, let me go ahead and hit the button

It’s Official!!!

3:16 pm on a Sunday. My weekend has begun about a couple of hours ago. How am I spending it? Well, a few untimely snacks/meals here and there. At this very hour I’m waiting for my laundry to be done  while trying to get some sleep. Hahaha! too much to do, too little time. That is what they say. But am I loving it? Surely! Short as it may be, this is still Me time. More me time in a bit. Meanwhile let me continue trying what I’ve been trying to do