Monthly Archives: June 2016

God’s Best

Do you mind showing up? You’ve been missing a lot. 


Leather Diary

Yep! I am moments after purchasing a renaissance leather diary (with lock) online. What a way to recharge after hours of trying to tidy up my room. I’ll be back to chores in a bit but before I do, writing down (or typing for that matter) something exciting (which I know not a lot will understand what’s so exciting about a leather journal). Well, I am. ūüėÄ Just for the record, I think this is my longest procrastination ever – still finding my way around this blogging thing. I really wanted to use some photos, videos and music from other sources but I want to make sure I’m not violating any copyright law.

Well, I guess it’s time to go back to my almost-a-day-old task. I shall return, dear Blog. I shall return. Only time can tell when…

Questions I will ask myself at this moment:

M: This is your second chance at this. Are you gonna blow it again?

A:  Trying my best not to.

M: ¬†Alright, then… what’s your goal this week?

A: ¬†Work wise – finish all my backlog.¬†Career wise – Well, get back to the APTA videos you have pending. Health wise – Complete the planking challenges for the week. I’ll try to eat more greens. I’ll walk more. Sit less. Sleep early-er.